An Introduction to Me & My Complex Addiction

I believe everyone has a god complex within them. Now before you run to (or from) your respective religious and spiritual doctrines, I don’t mean this in a religious sense, but simply a humanistic since.  It seems to me that man’s natural order is to create, sustain, or deconstruct (often misinterpreted as destroy); or in most cases some collective of the three. As these three complexes are the most basic of all things, they are the “gods” from which all other things can be attributed to. Somehow all of our internal purposes, I believe, revolve around these complexes. It is when we fulfill our personal hierarchy of these inherent complexes that we are happiest.

The above is a conversation for another time, possibly over a drink “created” (or inspired), by the very reason you and I are here, Infusions. I must say I am addicted to infusions. They are my creations, my deconstructions, my complexes embodied. So to come full circle: Fulfilling my god complex through infusions is my passion.

Since I started drinking at the age of 16, or 21 if you’re my mother, I have been awkwardly enthralled with not the sensations created by intoxication, but the possibilities of creating palatable concoctions out of what at that age seemed like unpalatable liquid punishment. In high school I rarely drank outside of experimenting with how to mask the taste better and make the burn disappear.  In college I was the guy making the innocuously delicious punch that was stronger than the absence of alcohol burn would lead one to believe.  As a college student, my bank account often implored me to find more and more financially responsible ways to placate my addiction to alcohol creation. This reason led to my minimalistic approach to cocktails that guides me still to this day. Then one day, my roommate came across an article on Skittles infused vodka. I was hooked. By simply infusing a flavor into a cheap vodka, or Everclear (It was college. Hold your judgment.), I could create an entire new concept that was “original”, palatable, and strikingly cheap. I later discovered the simple yet complex nature that Infusions could embody.

Fast forward to today and here I am, still infusing and still loving it. Mind you, my “infusiasm” has grown over the years along with the breadth and depth of my infusions and the cocktails I create with them, but I am still just as amazed every time as I was the day I dropped 25 red skittles into a sprite bottle full of Everclear.


One response to “An Introduction to Me & My Complex Addiction

  1. Funny you mention the Skittles and cheap booze thing…I have some Skittles flavored Smirnoff in my booze chest right now. Because I just found out about it like last year. Womp womp.

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