Infusion 101: The Basics

Infusion 101: The Basics

Driving seemed like such a simple concept when I was little. Gas. Brake. [Dip]. Left turn. Right turn.  How could so many people be bad at it? It wasn’t until I actually tried to put my presumed knowledge to the test at the age of 15 that I discovered what makes such a simple theory complex in practice: parameters. Stay in your lane; watch the road AND all sides of your car at the same time, obey all traffic signs, signals, and postings; 10 & 2; don’t hit that old lady in the hover-round; etc. etc. It was all so simple just a week and a car note ago.

This same idea should be applied to infusions. While infusing a spirit is a simple concept, when put to the test it reveals a plethora of parameters by which one must abide by to create the desired results. It took a lot of research, reading, highlighting, experimenting and drinking (or more aptly, tricking my friends into taste testing) for me to figure out these parameters and expand upon my own Infusiasm. I’m no expert, yet, and I’m sure to learn more on my journey but for now I thought it a novel idea to share what I have learned all in one concise location. Thus the idea for this blog series: Infusion 101.

The Basics:

Infusion can be simply defined as the transfer of a characteristic from one subject to another. In our case, it is the transfer of flavors from a fruit, vegetable, spice, etc. into a distilled spirit. We carry out this task through a process we called simple diffusion.

A basic outline of simple [alcohol] diffusion:

–          Pick a fruit, vegetable, spice, food or other infusiant (yep, just made that a word)
–          Pick a base liquid (more than likely a distilled spirit in this case))
–          Completely submerge the infusiant in the liquid, in an air tight container.
–          Let the mixture sit for a specified period of time.
–          Strain any solids from your newly infused liquid.
–          Taste and enjoy your newly infused liquid.

This is of course a basic outline. There are many variants present which we will seek to explore more in this ongoing series. As with all things, there are also exceptions to the rule, which will be noted and explored. For now though, we shall set this basic frame-work forward and build upon it in hopes of gaining a full understanding of all that infusions entail.

–          DMM


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