Infusion of the Month: Pomegranate


September is such a transition month. Summer is fading and fall is upon us as children country-wide prepare to start a new school year. Fruit and vegetable seasons are also in flux during September as well. A lot of the more popular summer staples are going out of season as Autumn-harvested fruits begin to hit their perfect picking point. Not to mention summer’s last hurrah, Labor Day Barbeques!!!! September comes in with a bang and slowly fades out in a colorful earth portrait.

The abundance of fresh fruits available during this month makes it tough to focus on just one. This September however, I am going to focus on a fruit I have oft ignored simply because I had not tried one in so long, Pomegranate. An early fall fruit, it becomes available during September and is always a staple of not only the health crowds fall implementations, but fall cocktail and food menus everywhere. I have no idea if all the positive health benefits pomegranates bestow are present in any of our infusions, but we will never know if we don’t try.

Pomegranate Infusion

Infusion Time:
14 days

750mL Spirit
2 medium-sized pomegranates
1 teaspoon lemon juice


First cut the crown (the top) of one of the pomegranates then cut it into quarters. In a large bowl of cold water, submerge the quartered pomegranate. This will divide the seeds from the membrane as the seeds should sink and the membrane float. Pull any remaining seeds off the membranes and discard the membrane. Place the seeds in a clean, air-tight container. Pour the lemon juice over the seeds then add the Spirit of choice to the mixture. Give the container a quick shake to mix everything up and place in a cool dark place to infuse.

After 7 days, repeat the process with the second pomegranate. Strain off the first batch of seeds and replace them with the new batch. Place the infusion to sit for another 7 days. After this time has passed, taste test your spirit and when it is to liking, strain off the seeds and solids. Place in a clean, dry bottle and store until ready to serve

Depending on the spirit, a beautiful dark red hue should be present.  Not only does this infusion look beautiful when done right, its taste is uniquely brilliant. The prefect quirky mix of summer and fall in a tasty (and for purposes of maintaining my health kick image, healthy) spirit that is sure to please both the taste buds and the eyes.




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