Watermelon Whiskey Water in a Watermelon Punch Bowl

It was one of those weekends you stand to never forget. Three days of pure entertainment, good food & good drinks with some of my favorite people in this world. Best friend from home, BL, was in town for a few days, my beloved lady, BM, was at my side all weekend, and it was all capped off with a birthday celebration for my Best Friend & housemate, CL.

I walked into the house to a watermelon sitting on the cutting board, and CL’s girl grinning at me. This would be my task for the celebration. I’d waffled around with the idea of a watermelon keg for a while after seeing this article on Lifehacker, but didn’t have all the necessary components. So instead, a watermelon punch bowl filled with a watermelon based punch became the mission. Using only the spirits and juices I had leftover around the house, an hour or so later I had created my “master piece.”


Watermelon Whiskey Water

1 cup whiskey
3 cups pureed watermelon
1 cup pineapple juice
½ cup simple syrup
¼ cup Midori
¼ cup 151-proof rum

– combine ingredients in a large punch bowl/container and stir
– store in fridge until ready to serve


Creating the punch bowl itself was easy. I simply cut off a point at the top then managed to hollow out the watermelon with a knife and spoon. I’d suggest cutting the watermelon the long way (not the short way as I did in the pictures). This will give you not only a bigger opening to retrieve your juice from but give it more of the look of a punch bowl.

One last trick, which I didn’t have time for but wish I did. If you can manage to save big enough pieces of watermelon, cube them and throw them in the freezer. This will freeze them like ice cubes which you can add to your punch to keep it cool while it sits. This way you have a nice added decorative piece that not only keeps the punch cold, but doesn’t water it down.

A couple more pictures below:


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