Drink of the Week: Applegranate

The weather is starting to get a bit brisk here in The District. Guess that means I can go ahead and accept that fall is here. Which isn’t so bad when you consider my love for ciders and everything apple. It’s the quintessential fall fruit (in my mind at least). And if there is anything I love, it is a warm cider on a cold day. The only way to make it better is with a bit of spirit… oh! Perfect!



6 oz. warm cider
2 oz. pomegranate-infused bourbon

– heat your cider in a nice cozy mug
– add pomegranate-infused bourbon
garnish: cinnamon stick


I use the cinnamon stick as a stirring utensil. It makes for a very poor straw… um, a friend once told me. The lovely autumn tones that waft off the mug will entice you into drinking swiftly. Resist. Your tongue, and taste buds, will appreciate it.



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