Tabula Rasa: National Vodka Day

Every year, on October 4th, we celebrate National Vodka Day. Why October 4th? As the legend I am about to make-up has it, after downing a bottle of newly un-prohibited vodka, a New Jersey man launched his razor phone at an LOL Cats calendar. The Phone destroyed the entire calendar upon impact leaving only October 4th stuck to the wall. Thus began the celebration…

On a serious note: Vodka is the proverbial “tabula rasa” of the infusion cannon. By definition, a tasteless and odorless spirit, it provides the blank canvas for the art of an infusion to be painted upon. It provides no complex taste to complement, contrast, or distract from the essence of one’s infusion. Vodka is unbiased in what it presents in an infusion. A good vodka will point out the positives and negative aspects of an infusion in its rarest form.

If you Google simple infusions, they almost all contain vodka. Not only was [skittles-infused] vodka the starting point of my Infusiasm, it is more than likely the test spirit for any new infusions I think of or find. It helps me understand the nature of the flavors and how they interact before I ever branch out into other spirits. Vodka is essential to all I do here at Infusiasm. Thus, on this National Vodka Day, I solute thee Vodka: My Tabula Rasa.


A couple of recipes from our [brief] past that involve vodka:

Pineapple Vodka [Not A] Martini


Grown Up (White) Chocolate Milkshake

Pumpkin Spice Naught-te


Does any one else read Tabula Rasa with a terrible accent like they do “Viva La Raza!”… ?? *sips vodka*



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