The Candy Aisle: Candy Corn Infusion

Every year, in late September, it never fails: The Candy Corn Migration. From their homeland of Halloweentown, these fearless little soldiers travel near and far to protect shelves everywhere from unwanted barrenness during the Halloween season. And they do a great job, cause no matter when and where, the candy corn shelf/bin is ALWAYS full.

So this year to do my part in the battle to empty candy corn shelves I decided to make a Candy Corn infusion. A bit of a treat to trick your friends into eating the bag you got as a gag gift last Christmas (only joking, use a fresh bag please). I also found a nifty recipe, via , to use your newly minted Candy Corn Spirit in.


Candy Corn Infused Spirit

750 mL spirit of choice
1 cup candy corn

Infusion Time:
4 hours  – 2 days:

– put your candy corn in a dry, air-tight jar
– add spirit of choice
– let sit in cool dry place for at least 4 hours, tasting periodically
– strain when taste is to personal liking (the longer it infuses the sweeter it gets)


Candy Corn Cocktail

3 oz candy corn-infused vodka (bourbon or tequila if you want an interesting complexity)
1 ½ oz pineapple juice

– combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice
– shake vigorously
– double strain into chilled cocktail glass
garnish: candy corn


Conspiracy theory alert: candy corn has the half-life of peanut brittle. Willy Wonka mistakenly made a massive vat of it back in 1926 and has tried to get rid of it every year since.  Just a thought. Maybe I shouldn’t have another Candy Corn Cocktail.

Some other cocktails I found that use a Candy Corn infusion:

Candy Corn Martini With Pop Rocks Rim (via ‘Boulder Locavore;’ @boulderlocavore)
Candy Corn Cocktail (via, Cocktails)

If you have any other ideas or recipes, throw them our way via the comments!



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