Infuse the Vote: The Cocktail Party

Undoubtedly you have seen enough commercials, heard enough commentary and read enough Facebook stati (or statuses) to know tomorrow is a pretty big day. For those who are unaware (and honestly at this point scare me a little) tomorrow we cast our votes for the President of the United States (as well as for many other elected officials).

I’m not here to change or make-up your mind for you… at least not when it comes to politics. There are plenty of political themed blogs for that. I am simple here to tell you to not only VOTE… but on this great day in our country, Support America. Whether it’s an election night Keystone Light drinking game, a post-vote American Craft Beer/Cider or a glass of your favorite Bourbon (kept cold by your new whiskey stones), just make sure you elect American. And to help, a few #Infused recipes:

I am David and I approve this message. Brought to you by the Greater Council for the Continued Development of National Infusiasm


Very Barry

2 oz. Very-berry-infused vodka* (Hawaiian Vodka)
2 oz. fresh lemonade
2 oz. lemon-lime soda
Dash of Blue Curaçao
Garnish: cherry, white raspberry & blueberry

– Combine Very Berry-infused vodka, lemonade, and curacao in cocktail shaker over ice
– shake vigorously
– double strain into Collin glass over fresh ice
– top with lemon-lime soda, stir, and serve


A Detroit Buck

1.5 oz. Cherry-infused Bourbon
½ oz. fresh lime juice
2 oz. ginger ale
Garnish: lime wheel

– combine ingredients in highball glass over ice
– stir
– serve


Cast Your Vote for your favorite in the comments below!


*Very Berry-infused vodka: 1 pint blueberries, 1 pint raspberry, 1 vanilla bean, peel of half a lemon, 750mL vodka
** Cherry infused bourbon: 1 pint cherries, 750mL bourbon


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