DOTW: A Manhattan, In The Big [Cran]Apple

Fall has always been one of my favorite drinking seasons. Hard ciders, Bourbons, and more recently, maple syrup have all become crucial parts of my fall cocktail painting pallet. This week’s Drink of the Week is a simple Infusiasm variation of one of my favorite fall cocktails that was introduced to me via ‘Madtini’: The Maple Manhattan.


A Manhattan, In The Big [Cran]Apple

2 oz. cran-apple-infused bourbon
¼ oz. sweet vermouth
¼ oz. maple syrup
2 dashes Fee Brother’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters
(or Fee Brother’s Cranberry Bitters)
garnish: cherry & apple slice flag



– combine ingredients in cocktail shaker filled with ice
– shake vigorously
– strain into chilled cocktail glass


Often times the key to a great infused drink is starting with a great recipe and adding your own simple twist. You don’t always have to re-invent the wheel to make a good drink.

Check out while you sip!



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