DOTW: The Lindsay Lohan

I once heard someone say they liked hot ginger ale. Well, curiosity killed this cat. By killed I mean it was a genius alternative for a winter drink with a touch of kick and a bunch of fizz. Then I decided my hot ginger ale was missing one thing: alcohol. Of course some Irish whiskey would go swell, but that’s just not Infusiastic enough.


The Lindsay Lohan

6 oz. hot ginger ale
2 oz. cran-apple-infused rum
½ oz fresh lemon juice
2 mint sprigs
garnish: mint sprig



– muddle mint and lemon in the bottom of a [Irish] coffee mug.
– and cran-apple-infused rum and warm ginger ale
– stir
– garnish and serve


Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! And if you don’t like it just throw it in the fridge, wait an hour or so and BOOM. I just blew your mind with science. It’s now a cold cocktail; which you still may or may not like. SCIENCE!

Also, check out my Black Friday cocktail for another hot ginger ale alternative.



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