Infusion of the Month: Gingerbread

There’s no more leftover turkey in the fridge, so that could only mean one thing: It’s December! A December means it’s Christmas time [in Hollis Queens]. YAY! One week into hearing the Christmas song’s rotations and I’m not annoyed yet. Clearly I’m in the holiday spirit. But there is nothing more exciting about the holidays than the sudden infusion of gingerbread, candy canes, and mint into any and everything.

Not to be left out, I decided to join in the holiday cheer. But not to be to cliché I went the gingerbread route. Not so common of an infusion when it comes to liquids, I figured who better to give it a try than the mad scientist himself. So below I present this month’s infusion flavor:




Gingerbread Infusion

750 mL spirit of choice
1 cup crystalized ginger
1 cup brown sugar
2 cinnamon sticks

Infusion Time:
7 – 15 days

This is a rather straight forward infusion though a bit longer of a list of ingredients. First, add the ingredients to a clean, air-tight jar. Cover them with the spirit of choice and give a quick stir/shake. Close the jar tight and store in a cool, dry place for 7 days. From that point on, taste test the infusion each day until the flavor is to personal preference. Once at an acceptable point, strain the infusion and return to a clean, dry bottle for storage. As with most infusions, tequila and bourbon are going to need a longer maturation life to reach a good flavor consistency.


Being the perfectionist I am I must warn you that this isn’t my final recipe. So let me know how you feel about it and any tweaks you may have done or are thinking about. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if I don’t drink with you again before then!

*Cues Vince Gauraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas*



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