DOTW: Holiday Spiked OJ

Sometimes pairing holiday cookies and the right juice to wash them down can be as complicated as beer pairings. The trick to remember is that it’s not always about matching flavors, but sometimes contrasting, which provides the best results. None of this was my motive the day I was stuck with gingerbread cookies and the decision of either OJ (which I don’t actually like) or water to wash them down with. This conundrum lead to the birth of this week’s cocktail.



Holiday Spiked OJ
– 2 oz. gingerbread-infused vodka
– 4 oz. orange juice
– ½ oz. hazelnut simple syrup*

– build in a rocks glass filled with ice
– stir gently with a cinnamon stick
garnish: cinnamon stick


*hazelnut simple syrup – ½ cup water:½ cup sugar:3 tablespoons hazelnut extract*

Cocktails can often be hit or miss for people depending on their personal pallet, and this is surely one of those drinks. It’s a hit for me though. Almost makes me want to go buy some Orange Sweet Rolls.



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