Infusion of the Month: Garlic-Habanero

Learning your way around a kitchen inevitably puts you in contact with a few key herbs and spices, among them is garlic. Used for thousands of years in both culinary and medicinal purpose, it became a big part of Ancient, and thus modern, Mediterranean cuisine. In my attempt to be out of the box, I was looking around the kitchen and saw a left over garlic bulb. I figured it would be a great addition to a Bloody Mary at least. This of course led me down an “infusiastic” path of Bloody Mary related infusions. Along the way I came across this jewel, the Infusion Flavor of the Month: Garlic-Habanero.


garlic 02

Garlic-Habanero Infusion

750 mL spirit of choice
1 medium-sized garlic bulb
1 small Habanero pepper

Infusion Time:
3 days

First prep the ingredients. Separate the garlic into its individual cloves, removing all the skin. Wash the Habanero pepper under luke-warm water and then cut in half, removing all the seeds. Put prepped ingredients into clean, dry Mason jar (or other air tight container). Pour in spirit of choice, close jar tightly and shake well. Store the infusion in a cool, dark place for 3 days. Strain the liquid to separate the pepper and garlic. Store the resulting infusion in a clean, dry container.


It is the anticipation that always kills when it comes to this infusion. The garlic flavor is surprisingly less over powering than one would think. It is truly the strength and complexity that the Habanero adds that’s shines in this infusion. If not such a fan of the heat, a lighter pepper, such as a banana pepper, can be substituted to still give that balance without so much burn.



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