The Candy Aisle: Conversation Hearts

In middle school conversation hearts always became of game of who can make the naughtiest sentence. This of course was well before they invented naughty conversation hearts. I missed a golden idea right there.  Snap back to reality, the Holiday got me to thinking: What would conversation heart infused vodka taste like. So…


conversation hearts 02

Conversation Heart Vodka

750 mL spirit of choice
I box of conversation hearts

Infusion Time:
1 – 3 days

– Place the conversation hearts into a mason jar large enough to hold them and the spirit.
– Add spirit of choice (vodka preferable)
– Securely close jar and shake.
– Let jar sit in cool, dark place for 1 – 3 days


The first time I ever tried this I went the skittles vodka route and tried to separate the hearts by color… the HAZE! I gave up and simply decided one big mix would suffice for my sugar-rush-in-a-jar needs. I anticipated a much worse result than came out, but by no means was this a golden idea. But what else are we here for if not to experiment and try new things. Maybe by this time next year I’ll have a fully perfected conversation hearts infusion to share. But for now, this one isn’t a bad start.


conversation hearts 03

Naughty Conversations

1 ½ oz. conversation heart-infused vodka
1 oz. white chocolate liqueur (or white chocolate infused vodka)
½ oz. raspberry liqueur (Chambord)

– combine ingredient s in a shaker filled with ice
– shake vigorously
– double strain into chilled cocktail glass
garnish: strawberry slice


I’m not perfect and surely am not going to pretend to be when it comes to infusions. But what I surely can do is make a drink. That being said, I kind of masked the conversations hearts. But the drink is still good and would be a great addition to the Valentine’s day rotation.



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