DIY Amarula Cream

In Southern Africa and Madagascar, you will find an indigenous tree, the Marula, known locally as the Elephant Tree.  It gets this name because elephants seem to love the fruit that this tree bares. The fruit itself carries a very hard nut like center but video evidence seems to suggest this isn’t the reason elephants, and many other animals, love the fruit of the Marula tree.  Apparently the fruit gets them drunk, or tipsy, depending on how much in denial they are about how many they’ve had. Man, not wanting the animals to have all the fun, developed Amarula Liqueur from the fruit of this very tree.

The liqueur itself has gained much ground since its inception, and can be found at many local liqueur stores. The fruit however is a much harder find, but that has and never will stop the DIY spirit (#DoubleEntendre). Today, Infusiasm presents “Homemade [Pseudo] Amarula.”


amarula 01

DIY Amarula Cream

– 1 tbsp. coffee
– 8 shots of whiskey
– 1 can condensed milk
– 200 ml full cream
– 1 tsp. honey

Prep Time:
1 day

750 mL (approx.)

– Make about 100 mL of very strong coffee using the coffee. The better the quality of the coffee the better the quality of the product will be.
– Let the coffee cool, then add to a large container along with the whiskey (again, quality produces quality), condensed milk, full cream and honey.
– Mix well, then pour mixture into a bottle and store in the fridge overnight.
– Mixture should be good to serve immediately. Store in the fridge, mixing daily. Be sure to mix well before serving.
***mixture last about 7 days in the fridge***


Nothing compares to using the actual fruit, however, this comes pretty darn close and is just as tasty of a mix. This mixture taste great by itself over a few cubes of ice, or you can enjoy it in a nice cocktail. Maybe like the one below.


brown elephant o1

Amarula Brown Elephant

– 2 oz. Homemade Amarula Cream
– 3 oz. milk
– 3 oz. cola

– Build ingredients in a pint glass over [shaved] ice
– stir to mix
garnish: n/a


This recipe is one of those that doesn’t sound good, but the sum of its parts is far greater than expected. If anything at least give it a try. If you don’t like it, you still have a bunch of great homemade Amarula Cream.

I also suggest you try Amarula when you get a chance as well. Not only is it a unique and quality liqueur, they are very active in supporting the conservation of their favorite animal and symbol, the elephant. The distillery that makes Amarula actually co-founded The Amarula Elephant Research Programme at the University of Natal, Durban. Good Drink. Good Cause.



One response to “DIY Amarula Cream

  1. Some of us are lucky enough to live in South Africa, I have three large Marula trees in my back garden… Its really an amazing fruit!!

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