DOTW: Bloody Margaret/Red Snapper

Brunch is a great way to begin the weekend (or a holiday), and it’s always made better by a nice brunchtail. Bloody mary’s and mimosas are the clear favorites in the brunchtail world and come in many variations. One such is the Bloody Margaret/Red Snapper, which replaces vodka with gin. This brings out the herbal essences of the cocktail well. But it wouldn’t be infustiatic if we didn’t add our on little twist.


bloody margaret 01

Red Snapper

– 2 oz. garlic habanero-infused gin
– 8 oz. tomato juice
– ¼ oz. fresh lemon juice
– ½ tsp. Worcestershire sauce
– dash of salt & pepper

– combine ingredients in a pint glass over ice
– stir to mix
garnish: celery stalk & habanero pepper slice


MMM. Spicy!




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