Infusion of the Month: Mango-Lime

Spring time is finally upon us. The white lands have melted yielding bountiful fields of asphalt and cement. Breathe in the fresh air of spring in the city. While the city isn’t my true ideal of a spring/summer picture, it can’t detour me from enjoying the weather and its bountiful fruit harvest. To get ourselves into the tropical spirit, this month we are focusing on a tropical fruit staple with a slight twist to add a bit of Infusiasm to the mix.

Mango!; A fruit that to me reminds me of hot summer days in Miami under my grandparent’s mango tree. According to my mom, I used to climb the tree when no one was looking to steal mangoes and eat them. If you know me, it makes sense that I was sneaking healthy foods instead of candy. Fast forward to now, and I’m no longer sneaking mangoes. I’m rambling. Let’s just get to the infusion.







Infusion Time:
5 days

750 mL spirit of choice
2 large mangoes
3 large limes



photo (2)

Clean the exterior of the fruit under Luke-warm water, especially the limes! Slice the mangoes into strips and remove the skin; or dice into cubes if you prefer. The objective is to expose as much of the surface area of the fruit as possible. Place the mango slices/cubes into a clean, dry, air tight jar.


photo (1)



Pour spirit of choice into a large bowl, creating as much surface area for the liquid as possible. Carefully peel off the skin of the limes over the bowl, being careful to leave behind as much of the white pith underneath the skin as the pith can turn the infusion bitter. Carefully pour the spirit along with the lime peels into the jar with the mango cubes and swirl to stir. Place mixture in a cool, dark place for 5 days, swirling daily to mix.

After 5 days, taste daily. As typical with many infusions, bourbon and tequila will take longer to infuse, usually more around 8 – 10 days before a full pronounced flavor can be noted. Vodka will prove the quickest infusion medium followed close behind by gin and rum. When the infusion is to taste, double strain through a coffee filter to separate out the mango and lime pieces. Store the infusion in a cool, dry place.


Check for all the drinks this month.




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