So Simple: Ginger

Ginger has worked its way from not only a staple ingredient within the kitchen, but behind the bar. IT can be a subtle complex addition to add a bit of freshness to any cocktail or it can be used in a bit more of a potent nature to provide a heatless spice/kick to a cocktail. Both of these natures can be seen in the differences between ginger ale and ginger beer. But these aren’t the only ways to add ginger into a cocktail. It also makes for great simple syrup that can be adjusted up and down to one’s liking or to be more cocktail specific depending on its intended use. That being said, the recipe below is just a starting point and can be easily tweaked by adding more or less ginger to obtain the desired results.


ginger 01

Ginger Simple Syrup

2 oz. ginger
1 cup water
1 cup sugar

– peel the skin off the ginger with a potato peeler, then slice thin
– bring water to a boil in a medium saucepan then add sugar and stir until dissolved
– add ginger and bring to a boil
– remove the mixture from heat and let steep for 30 minutes
– filter the mixture through cheese cloth to remove the ginger
– store in a clean, dry jar
**last for up to a month when refrigerated**


Ginger is one of my go to ingredients, whether it be ginger ale, ginger beer, raw ginger or ginger simple. This quick easy syrup allows me to quickly add a ginger bite to all my kool-aid… I mean… homemade, fresh juices. Yea.



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