DOTW: The Ghost of Mango Caipirinha

Spring has sprung and I found a bottle of Cachaça hidden in plain sight on my kitchen counter. Of course I could have just made a caipirinha, but that wouldn’t be infusiastic enough. So I bring you…


caipirinha 01

The Ghost of  Mango Caipirinha

2 oz. Mango-lime infused cachaça
½ of a lime, cut into 4 wedges
2 teaspoons sugar

– drop your lime wedges into a rocks glass and pour sugar on top
– muddle thoroughly
– top glass with fresh cracked ice
– fill the glass with the cachaça
garnish: mango slice


Most often the flavor of a caipirinha can be determined by the bits of fruit that are added and muddled into the mix. The absence of mango pieces however doesn’t dilute the mango flavor that actually pairs well in the more earthly cachaça if you try it by itself over ice. For an added flavor twist drop in a raspberry or two.

What are your favorite caipirinha additions?



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