DOTW: MuddleLess Mango-Mint Mojito

As a bartender I hated making mojitos. Especially when the weather broke and everyone and their mother became not only a mojito consumer, but a connoisseur and avid critic. The direction of the muddle has absolutely no bearing on the outcome sir! Please return your stories of left-handed muddling superiority and your supposed left-handed muddler to the Leftorium. Now enjoy a mojito variant that requires NO MUDDLING!


mojito 01

MuddleLess Mango-Mint Mojito

1 ½ oz. mango-lime infused rum
1 oz. simple syrup
Club soda, to top
4 – 6 mint leaves

– combine rum, simple, and mint leaves in shaker filled with ice
– shake vigorously
– pour contents into pint glass
– top with club soda
garnish: lime wedge and/or mint leaf


Now this is a quick and delicious way to make a mojito. If only I could have convinced my bar manager at the time that muddling all 72,00 mojitos per day was a fruitless and unappreciated venture based upon our clientele.  Though I do have one MEAN muddle hand (read that in the voice of a pimp talking about his pimp hand).



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