DOTW: Mango Margarita

The weather is lovely and I felt like taking a trip south of the border to enjoy some tequila. Then I remembered I have a job so I just made myself the margarita below, turned my phone on silent and watched “Once Upon A Time In Mexico.”


mango margarita 02

Mango Margarita

1 ½ oz. mango-lime infused tequila
½ oz. triple sec
½ oz. fresh apple juice
½ oz. simple syrup

– combine ingredients in shaker filled with ice
– shake vigorously
– double strain into a lime-salt rimmed margarita glass


For the lime-salt rim, zest a lime and cut the zest strips into as small of pieces as you can. Mix ½ teaspoon of the chopped zest into 1 teaspoon of salt to create lime-salt. Wet the rim of the margarita glass with a fresh lime then dip the edges of it into the lime-salt.

The lime-salt adds a bit of zing to an already delicious cocktail. Make a little extra and try using it in some of your favorite [Mexican] dishes instead of regular salt. MMM.



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