DOTW: Apricot [Mint] Julep

Every year in Kentucky, Big Hats and Bourbon are the official entourage to the beginning of the Triple Crown of Horse Racing, The Kentucky Derby. As I’m sure you know by now, Derby weekend was last weekend. #SpoilerAlert: Orb won. Sorry Rick Pitino! (Not really. You won a National Title AND got into the Hall of Fame this year. I think you’ve won enough.) You may ask then: “Why wait until now to make a post about a Julep, the official drink of The Derby?”  The short “cool” answer: I live outside the box. The real answer: It’s still cold in The District and I just wasn’t feeling very springy. I bring it to you know, however, because this upcoming weekend is supposed to finally bring us some spring heat. Plus May 30th is National Mint Julep Day (why don’t/didn’t they correlate this with the Derby?) and I wanted to be the first person to drop a post [re]covering this simple and refreshing American cocktail staple: The Mint Julep… with a bit of Infusiasm, of course!


Mint Julep

Mint Julep (Photo credit: Kenn Wilson)

Apricot [Mint] Julep

2 ½ oz. apricot-infused bourbon
4 – 5 Mint Leaves
½ oz. simple syrup

– place the mint and simple syrup in a rocks glass, and muddle the mint
– add bourbon to the glass
– fill the glass with crushed ice and stir until chilled
garnish: mint sprig


Traditionally, the recipe calls for two sugar cubes and a dash of water to be muddled along with the mint. I, however, always go the simple syrup route, as I am not a huge fan of muddling in the first place. You can blame working behind a busy bar with a happy hour special on mojitos as spring broke for my dislike of muddling. If I really want to avoid muddling, I simply make mint simple syrup. Talk about a quick, easy and tasty adult refreshment.



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