DOTW: Apricot Belli-Not-So-Tini

The Bellini is a classic brunch drink that has as of late fallen by the waist side in lieu of the rise of bottomless mimosa. It is a simple, a delightful cocktail perfect for a home brunch. There are many ways to add a bit of a twist, most often people simply change out the traditional white peach purée for another fruit. But we wouldn’t be Infusiasm if that’s all we settled for.


An apricot and its cross section

An apricot and its cross section (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apricot Belli-Not-So-Tini

1 ½ oz. apricot infused vodka
2 oz. white peach purée
3 oz. champagne

– pour purée into a chilled champagne glass
– slowly to with champagne and stir to mix
– stir to mix
– top with apricot infused vodka
garnish: peach or apricot slice


The apricot sits in the wings until the peach dulls and then you find a nice surprise on the back-end. Do be careful though; this drinks light but intoxicates heavy.



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