DOTW: Apricot Adult Limeade

Lemonade is easily the non-alcoholic beverage of summer. However, being the contrarian I am, I may venture to try to make limeade happen this summer. That’s right. Limeade! Step one of my grand scheme: come up with a few quick drinks that utilize limeade and are simple and delicious. Commence step 1 of the Limeade Summer Takeover.


I looked on the previous shoot for a long peri...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apricot Adult Limeade

1 ½ oz. apricot-infused tequila
2 oz. fresh lime juice
2 oz. water
½ oz. ginger simple syrup

– combine ingredients in a shaker filled with ice
– shake vigorously
– double strain into a chilled cocktail glass

garnish: lime wheel


Drink in the goodness my friends. Drink it in *Evil laugh.*



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