Infusion of the Month: Hops

Don’t freight hop heads, this month is all about you!

When I used to work at Last Exit, in Washington DC, we would always try some off the wall infusions. One day we decided to try a hops gin. It didn’t turn out so well and I kind of abandoned the idea. Recently, I came across an article for Hop Vodka, a new hop flavored vodka. This got me back to thinking: Maybe hops could be a great flavor to infuse into any spirit, especially since there are so many varieties: Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial, to name a few. So I did a little research and decided to venture into making some hop-infused spirits again.


English: Freshly picked hops

English: Freshly picked hops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


350 mL spirit of choice    
½ oz. hops (of your choice)

Infusion Time:
1 – 3 days


– place your hops in a mason jar
– cover the hops with your spirit of choice
– give the bottle a few swirls then store in a cool, dark place for 1 to 3 days
– when infusion is to taste, strain first through a colander to remove the hops, then through a coffee filter to remove any further impurities
– store mixture in a clean, dry jar


Most spirits will take 1 – 3 days, though depending on the type of hops or how hoppy you enjoy your beer, I mean spirit, longer may be appropriate.

During my research I discovered that some people were using a different method to create a sort of hop-vodka mixture that they could add to their beer to give it a hops boost. The method is laid out here, though I have yet to try it. It’s on my list of things to do, but please leave your testimonials in the comments if you’ve tried this, or any other method to infuse hops into a spirit.



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