DOTW: Old[er] Fashion

Beer has been around for centuries. The old Fashioned, not so many. So what better way to make an old fashion older than with a bit of beer?  Of course, we could just pour some beer on top of one to fill up a rocks glass, but that wouldn’t be infusiastic enough.


Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned (Photo credit: Kenn Wilson)

Old[er] Fashion

1 ½ oz. hop-infused rye whiskey (or bourbon)
1 sugar cube
A few dashes of water
2 dashes Orange bitters


– place your sugar cube at the bottom of a rocks glass
– saturate the cube with the bitters and water, then muddle the sugar cube until it dissolves
– fill glass with ice
– add whiskey (or bourbon) and stir
garnish: orange slice


This drink can be very intriguing depending on the type of hops used. As Centennial and Cascade hops were the only ones at my disposal, I didn’t get a chance to try the various kinds, but even between these two I could feel and taste the complexity change within the old fashion. A great drink for rye and bourbon lovers.



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