DOTW: Hopquila Mockingbird

I signed up for a course at the Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good and one of the required readings was To Kill A Mockingbird. Great book, but all I could think of was how I had once saw a drink recipe for a Tequila Mockingbird. Clever isn’t it. Turns out there are two versions ( Version 1 & Version 2 ) and both are pretty good. But for the sake of Infusiasm, I didn’t want to tamper much with version 1… yet. So I dropped some hops in tequila and spiced up the Tequila Mockingbird.


Mockingbird on a wire

Mockingbird on a wire (Photo credit: cbellh47)

Hopquila Mockingbird.

1 ½ oz. hop-infused tequila
¾ oz. green peppermint liqueur
Juice of 1 lime

– combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice
– shake vigorously
– double strain into chilled cocktail glass
garnish: n/a


Apparently the mint and hops are rather friendly. I like this combination. *Searches for a minty beer recipe*



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