DOTW: Blues Berry’s Bourbon

It seems as though blueberry has been on the tongues of many people as of late; Whether speaking about it or drinking it. I have always said I am going to make another one after I made one a year or so ago but my mind wanders and I grow forgetful, even of great things. Fortunate for me, and you, This month’s infusion features my main man blues berry and gave me a chance to get back to my simple roots of infusing a spirit that is essentially ready to drink out the bottle (with a few minor additions, which honestly could be incorporated into the infusion)

When I first made my blueberry bourbon I drank t either straight up or in the cocktail you will find below. As it turns out, the same recipe’s worked out well for this month’s infusion, Very Berry Medley.  Below you will find it in a cocktail shaker as I originally intended it to be (very classic Manhattan style), but I have found myself as of late enjoy my bourbon and bourbon drinks in a rock glass with two or three pieces of ice. Pick your poison!




English: A Manhattan.

English: A Manhattan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blues Berry’s Bourbon

2 oz. very berry medley infused bourbon
½ oz. lemon juice
1 tbsp.  maple syrup

– combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice
– shake vigorously
– double strain into chilled cocktail glass
Garnish: blueberries




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