DOTW: Tequila-Ginger Cocktail

It’s funny how much Spanish I don’t know after so many years of Spanish courses in school.  One thing I do remember however is tequila, and that tequila and strawberry for some reason unbeknown to me have this amazing relationship. Think about the number of strawberry margaritas sold at your favorite local Mexican restaurant. As I sat at a local happy hour at Alero, it occurred to me that Very Berry Medley, with its hints of strawberry, needed to be in a tequila and needed to be consumed in a quick and easy cocktail to delight all my fans… by all my fans I mean my taste buds.

The drink took a lot longer to come up with than one would think because I simply refused to think it could be so simple. Then it was.  My stubbornness was felt as I ran out of the Very Berry Medley infused tequila midway through making my second glass. Once again foiled by my own forced complexity.




strawberry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tequila-Ginger Cocktail

2 oz. very berry medley infused tequila
2 oz. ginger ale
½ oz. lime juice
½ oz. agave nectar

– pour ingredients into a rocks glass filled with ice
– stir to mix
garnish: strawberry slice


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