DOTW: Sand ‘n Storm

This week’s choice of spirit was easy seeing as August 16th is National Rum Day. Might as well be festive. Normally I do my rum infusions in over proof rum so I can later dilute them if need be. This time, after a friend’s “retirement” party ended in the cursing of Wray & Nephew and the combination of the delicacy of the vodka infusion, I opted to use regular proof, which turned out perfect.

The drink itself is essentially a Dark N Stormy, with a few minor tweaks to keep it a little light as to not over power the prickly pear. Replace the bite of ginger beer with some ginger ale and I had a nice soft drink to enjoy. This drink actually would make a great light party punch if one were to invest the time in infusion the rum (or possible making a prickly pear simply syrup, though I’d go light on the sugar).



304/365 - It Was a Dark N' Stormy Night

304/365 – It Was a Dark N’ Stormy Night (Photo credit: djwtwo)


Sand ‘n Storm

2 oz. prickly pear infused rum
4 oz. ginger ale
½ oz. fresh lime juice

– build ingredients in a Collins glass over ice
– stir to mix
garnish: flower petals (preferably purple/white)


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