About: The Company


About Infusiasm
(The Company)

Infusiasm was founded in the early parts of two thousand twelve from a simple idea: bringing an enthusiasm for infused beverages, both alcoholic and non, to the world. This concept was the brain child of Founder and Owner, David Meares. Behind his drive to expand his knowledge of infusions, all things beverage related, and to spread his special brand of expertise, we at Infusiasm are setting out to infuse a bit of our own passion into the spirits & bar business. Infusiam focuses on both the public and private sectors of the business, as well as the inter-webs via our blog of the same name, ‘Infusiasm’.

Infusiasm is not merely a bartender for hire service, though it is an important pedestal to our business, nor is it merely a blog. It is the ground work for what will eventually become a ‘Full Service Infusion Site/ Center’. Infusiam includes everything from bartenders for hire (and other bar related event services) to beverage development & consultation services for events. Clients and work requests of all sizes can be fulfilled at Infusiasm (along with the help of our affiliates, Mixed Company). Eventually we plan to expand our reach to provide a plethora of infusion goods and services of all kinds on our site. This will give us a chance to infect the world with our unique brand of Infusiasm when it comes to the cocktail, drinks, and beverage world. So join us on our journey…




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